River Park

River Park


RiverPark is a great community in one of the newly gentrified areas of Oxnard, California. 

The community of RiverPark has a lot to offer its members. With its easy access to the Collection shopping center and boasting a variety of architectural styles, RiverPark has something to support everyone’s lifestyle.

As you pull into the community, you are greeted with the welcoming feel of tree-lined sidewalks and a long green belt that runs down the center drive supporting a large grassy field. A wood chip walking path runs along the perimeter, leading to a large fountain and pergola to rest under. A walker may enjoy the birds chirping and the whisper of the tree branches in the breeze.  Shingle sided houses and wide sidewalks are ideal for runners or an evening stroll.

RiverPark has 11,634 households arranged from high-density apartments on the outer edge of the Collection, to multi-family homes that run in the heart of the complex. Single family homes exist in the rear of the community to offer greater privacy. RiverPark is located in the Del Norte District in Oxnard, California and is 35 miles west of Los Angeles. And with easy access to the 101 freeway, it makes any commute from here easier.

Living in RiverPark fulfills all your desires to be close to a “downtown” hotspot, but maintains its suburban feel. It offers both central locations next to the Collection at RiverPark comprised of numerous popular restaurants and stores and is secluded enough you don’t lose the familiar feel of living next to parks with birds chirping in a quiet neighborhood.


If you feel this is the right community for you or your family, let’s take the next step. Email me today to start the process of getting you into a great home in this neighborhood.


Parker Jellison

I am a product of Ventura, and I want to give back. I want to give you a home, but I also want to give you a beautiful community where you live.

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