Giving Back

When I started my real estate career, I was ecstatic. I love real estate because it gives me the ability to connect people with a home that they can fill with their families and their lives. I studied hard, got my license, and got a job where they gave me a desk and a cubicle to work in. And I got to it. I sold my first house 4 months after getting my license. I did what I planned to do. I put a family in a home that was perfect for them, and being a part of the process warmed my heart. Sitting there in the coming weeks after my sale, I savored those feeling of gratitude passed onto me by my clients, and it felt good. It got me thinking about what more I could do for them. To make my next clients even more satisfied, and more grateful for what I could offer them. I spent a long week brainstorming, wracking my brain on how I could offer more to the people in my community through the services I provide. Sitting there, where my view was a computer screen and a wall my mind began to wander where my heart is: outside. And then it hit me. What if in addition to providing my community with top quality real estate services, I offered the chance to give back to something we all care about: the environment. To make the biggest purchase of their life count towards a cause that works to benefit us all. Newly invigorated by my new idea, I scrapped it all. And I rebuilt my business plan with nature in mind and how I could use my business to give back to it.

Starting in 2017, I partnered with the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy joining there Wild about Ojai where I will donate 1% of each real estate transaction to the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy: an organization doing extraordinary things to preserve a particularly familiar wild place, Ojai.

Ojai is Ventura’s wild backyard. It is the place I, like many, go to escape the traffic and crowds present even in our small town of Ventura. Just miles up the road, Ojai is a treasure that offers dozens of trails, scenic views, and diverse wildlife unique to its boundaries. Its vast mountain ranges and open spaces are rare and beautiful, but are a lot of work to maintain. The OVLC  is one of those influential organizations committed to preserving Ojai’s beauty and diverse wildlife. In 25 years, the OVLC has acquired 2,000 acres of Ojai’s open space that they manage to ensure its preservation, and that animal’s natural habitats remain undisturbed and thriving. All the while by maintaining it for our enjoyment as well by building trails, offering valuable access to information on the diversity of places to explore, and even leading their own and wilderness walks for people seeking a guided tour of Ojai’s landscapes.


The OVLC has an ambitious goal to acquire another 2,020 acres of land by the year 2020. That means doubling the land they have under their protection in less than a quarter of the time they have been in existence. They are ambitious and so am I. My goal is to be rookie of the year at my company, meaning I will have closed 10 transactions in the first year of my career alone. Committed to a like minded partnership, I am excited to work with the OVLC and give 1% of my sales to this incredibly influential organization.




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