Fast Track your Down Payment!

Fast Track your Down Payment!


Thousands of people each year dream about becoming homeowners and most are faced with the daunting task of putting together 5% to 20% down payment for the purchase of a home.  Because of the steep pricing of California, this can cut a lot of potential homeowners in half.

There is a program to help counter that, the Golden State Finance authority has put together a program for qualified buyers to receive a 5% of their total loan amount, to use towards down payment and closing costs. Many times the assistance will help a homebuyer to purchase a home with little-to-no money out of pocket and maybe sooner than was thought possible.  


The program is very flexible. Eligible mortgage loans include FHA, VA, and Conventional Mortgages, and the income limits are higher than one might expect (loan to moderate income).


The income Limits for this program in Ventura is $101,545 for Va, FHA, USDA first Mortgages and for Freddie mac, HFA Advantage First mortgages 141,280.  

The benefit of this grant program is that it is truly a gift and never has to be paid back. The program is NOT Limited to first time home buyers!  So if you are thinking about buying a home but you don’t have the down payment.  This could be the break you need!


Are you ready to buy a home and take advantage of this great program? Talk with a certified lender today! To see what you could Qualify for with the 5% down.


Parker Jellison

I am a product of Ventura, and I want to give back. I want to give you a home, but I also want to give you a beautiful community where you live.

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